Thursday, February 11, 2010

love love love

today is our 4th wedding anniversary :)
we are having a mellow day, eating comfort food (stew and cake) and watching great movies and survivor! the perfect mellow anniversary!
the past 3 years we have been away (for work, or james touring with his band), so we are just stoked to be together, and in our hometown!
here are some photos from that special day, 4 years ago:

and here is a video featuring the song that i walked down the aisle to. if you close your eyes, you can really feel the emotion behind the beautiful! we had a large wedding of over 300 people at our ceremony, and our wedding party walked down the aisle to the quiet melody at the beginning of the song. when the instruments kick in louder was when the doors opened, and my dad and i began to walk down. magical! :)

what are your special plans for this valentines weekend?? my plans include working, vintage/thrift store shopping with a good friend, going and seeing the movie 'valentine's day' with james, aaaaaaaand watching as much olympics as possible!!!! (wearing the awesome red canada mittens my hubby got me :))
sweet dreams!


  1. any more photos? your dress looked gorgeous! i love your hair too...i feel like long pretty hair is a must on wedding days! hehe. love love love the black wedding bands as well :)

  2. sweet wedding walking song.
    i love anniversaries. Glad you had a restful one with your love!