Saturday, July 23, 2011

our first visitors

it has been a few months since moving into our new home, in our new city.

we have been back and forth a couple times to our hometown, but had not hosted any visitors yet, until last weekend!
my sister and her boyfriend stayed with us for a few days, which we managed to fill with many activities, good food, and lots of episodes of friends & ny ink :)

the first night they arrived, the three of us took the skytrain downtown to walk around, listen to some live outdoor music (a street festival was happening that weekend, which was a nice surprise), and peruse through some shops while james worked.

i made a roast chicken dinner the following day (for the first time ever....somehow, stuffing a chicken made me feel like a grown up), and we hopped on the skytrain again. this time it was to see owl city, live in concert! it was held in an unbelievably cool theatre, and one of the opening acts, mat kearney, was amazing!!

our 'outing' for the following day was seeing the newest, and final, harry potter movie in 3d.
it was sad to watch and know that this was the end of the movie series, but i am really excited to begin reading the books (i waited all these years to start them!), and one day, visit the wizarding world of harry potter!

and the movie? IT WAS AMAZING!

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