Monday, August 22, 2011

three weeks

are you wondering where i disappeared to for the last 3 weeks?

i went back home to the okanagan (hubby was able to come for a bit), and filled my time with:

-working during the days
-taking care of my parent's house, yard and business while they were on vacay
-visiting my best friend in the hospital, hours after she had her baby boy
-working out on the elliptical
-trying to eat less (still eating yummy foods, just not stuffing my face as much :))
-playing croquet in the park with good friends
-family dinners
-overnight kayak trip, sleeping under the stars
-kayaking after work
-matinee movie date with my momma (seeing 'the help'- so good!)
-bridal shower for a friend
-catching up at the shower with all the ladies/friends from church
-family sports night (playing badminton, croquet, basketball and doing random athletic competitions, just for fun!)
-hanging out with a friend, chatting for hours

yesterday was my first day back on the coast, and i spent the entire day on the couch.
i feel pretty exhausted from the past few weeks, and know that it will take a few days to adjust to being back.
so my plan for today is to:
-eat yummy food
-catch up on more tv shows (LOVING the glee project, and can't wait for the finale!)

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