Sunday, October 2, 2011

peaches & plums

when i returned home from my visit in the okanagan last week, i also returned home with a TON of fresh fruit.

not wanting it to spoil, i knew i needed to spend some time chopping, freezing and canning, so that during the winter months we would be able to enjoy the delicious taste of summer.

i was inspired to make freezer jam for the first time after seeing it on holly-sarah's blog, and went to the store right away to purchase freezer jam jars & pectin (which were on sale, half off!! yahhh!)

i blanched, peeled and chopped all of the 20+ lbs of peaches, froze them on baking sheets (so they would not freeze in a giant lump) and put them into plastic freezer bags. I did the same with plums, except kept the skins on, and chopped them in halves, quarters & bite size squares - all ready for any recipe!

my freezer is now fully stocked!! it is definitely worth the effort now, to enjoy this seasonal fruit later!

1 comment:

  1. That is incredible! I do a lot of freezing, but I have always wanted to try canning. Maybe next season.