Tuesday, November 8, 2011

classic comforts

the past few days have been rainy, windy, and cold.
it seems as though we are right in the thick of fall (even though it is november, and some parts of the country are receiving snow).

we have spent this week indulging in classic comforts:
-homemade macaroni & cheese
-lots and lots of mugs full of tea
-toast with homemade jam
-wool socks
-warm quilts
-cauliflower soup
-chick flick marathons
-many episodes of friends

i have also been crocheting like a mad woman in every spare, waking moment.
(and dreaming about my craft fair display in my non-waking moments)

the other day, on my day off from work, i barely budged from the couch, and ended up producing 240+ small crocheted components! wahoo!

it has helped that the days feel suuuuuuper long, and slow - almost like i am living multiple days in one!

alrighty - back to the grind!
the rest of my night will consist of crocheting, watching real housewives of NY, and reading harry potter before bed.

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