Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 dates of christmas

having been so busy preparing for the craft fair, james and i haven't really gone on any dates, or spent much quality hangout time together, other than catching up on tv while working on crafts at the same time.

i was reading some blogs yesterday, and was inspired by naomi to begin a new tradition:
the 12 dates of christmas.

so, between now and christmas, (yes, i do realize that christmas is quickly approaching) we will have 12 dates.
they don't have to be big, and we don't have to be out & about spending money, but we do have to set aside that time to be together, and to not let the daily pressures & to-do lists get in the way!

last night we had our 1st date night!

we made homemade pachos (home fries topped with grated cheddar & chopped green onions), homemade honey mustard dipping sauce, and a huge garden salad, and we enjoyed our dinner while watching some of the final season of 'rescue me'.

i would say that was the perfect mellow way to begin our new tradition!!!

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