Friday, March 16, 2012


the past few weeks have been super jam packed with activities, projects and visiting with friends and family!
we have LOVED it!!

a few weeks ago i had decided to purchase a new shelving unit for my art studio/our guest room, to better house all of my paint, art supplies and decor pieces.
james and i chatted, and instead of purchasing another shelving unit, we decided to shift around existing pieces instead, and re-arrange the furniture in our whole condo to freshen things up, and make better use of the pieces and the space.

i have spent many late nights painting furniture pieces, and we are still working on the final details.
in the next few weeks i plan to sew some pillows, and make some more accessories.

my parents came to stay with us for a whirlwind weekend, which we filled with waffle day (of course!) and lots of chatting & laughing.
my good friend also came to visit last weekend, and we spent all day saturday shopping, and exploring the city.

on our shopping adventures, i was visually inspired by the displays at urban outfitters and had to take a photo!

james and i went to the mall the other day to pick up a few necessities for his wardrobe, and i couldn't help but come away with these $5 leggings in this amazing pattern!

the other night i cracked open a drawing book i have had for awhile. it provides different fashion related drawing/sketching prompts, and so i spent the other night creating all of these patterns for bowties :)

i have felt really inspired lately and have loved filling my time with different creative projects.

on the list for today: organizing our teeny tiny storage room. wish me luck!

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