Friday, March 16, 2012


the past few weeks have been super jam packed with activities, projects and visiting with friends and family!
we have LOVED it!!

a few weeks ago i had decided to purchase a new shelving unit for my art studio/our guest room, to better house all of my paint, art supplies and decor pieces.
james and i chatted, and instead of purchasing another shelving unit, we decided to shift around existing pieces instead, and re-arrange the furniture in our whole condo to freshen things up, and make better use of the pieces and the space.

i have spent many late nights painting furniture pieces, and we are still working on the final details.
in the next few weeks i plan to sew some pillows, and make some more accessories.

my parents came to stay with us for a whirlwind weekend, which we filled with waffle day (of course!) and lots of chatting & laughing.
my good friend also came to visit last weekend, and we spent all day saturday shopping, and exploring the city.

on our shopping adventures, i was visually inspired by the displays at urban outfitters and had to take a photo!

james and i went to the mall the other day to pick up a few necessities for his wardrobe, and i couldn't help but come away with these $5 leggings in this amazing pattern!

the other night i cracked open a drawing book i have had for awhile. it provides different fashion related drawing/sketching prompts, and so i spent the other night creating all of these patterns for bowties :)

i have felt really inspired lately and have loved filling my time with different creative projects.

on the list for today: organizing our teeny tiny storage room. wish me luck!

Monday, February 27, 2012

oscars & yams

so far this week i:

watched: the oscars at a friends, admiring all of the beautiful gowns

read: a lot more harry potter ;) i am now onto book 6!

ate: YAM FRIES (with homemade chipotle mayo)! sooo good.

am looking forward to: watching the bachelor 3!!

painted: over a large round canvas with an idea i have had in mind for months

planned: to rearrange some furniture and do some DIY projects with the husband

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ups/downs & asparagus

the past few days have been a real mix of ups & downs.
nothing too major: just the normal ebbs and flows of daily life.
some moments, hours, or days, are super rewarding, exciting and fun.
other days are tough, lonnnnnng, and mellow.

i think that a good quality, and one i constantly work towards, is to be able to turn the 'down' days, weeks, or months into 'ups'.
or to be in the moment, but at the same time, look forward to any excitement planned for the future.

my weekend was a real mix of activity, and left me feeling pretty productive and motivated.
with the day off work, i slept in on saturday morning, and stayed in bed until mid afternoon reading harry potter (and the order of the phoenix - cannot get enough HP!!).
hubby brought me homemade oatmeal in bed.
there was not a care in my muggle mind (dang, i am turning into a harry potter geek...can't help it :))
and i was able to thoroughly relax and enjoy my day.
we tidied up the house and james prepared an amazing greek dinner:

-homemade tzatiki with pitas
-greek salad with homemade dressing
-feta & spinach stuffed chicken
-greek lemon potatoes

just talking about it makes my tummy grumble.
we hosted dinner for some friends, and went as a group to see the movie 'safe house'.
(love anything denzel)

after such a fantastic day, sunday seemed a bit more bland in comparison, filled with work, chilling out at home, and going to bed early. but it made me more motivated to complete some projects on monday, to think through some creative ideas, and to decide to try out a new recipe!

soooooo: last night we tried this recipe for pasta with roasted asparagus & balsamic butter, which i discovered through pinterest.

it was UNBELIEVABLY good!
such an unusual flavour combination, and really tasty.
a must try!

alrighty, i am off to catch up on the bachelor
(courtney drives me NUTS! 'winning'....gag me)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

this week

this week i have been:

reading: the magazines (chatelaine, flare, martha stewart) that have been delivered into my mailbox (love getting mail, and love combo!)

eating: more 'homecooked meals'. trying to make more of an effort to make actual meals, and not just throwing together easy things like nachos & salads as often

watching: top chef texas, guiliana and bill, glee (LOVED the newest cast member, who won the glee project - SO good)

and amidst my everyday job, i have also been working on more of my crafty goodies.
after my craft fair in november, i was fortunate to sell some items at a fantastic store on granville island, 'paper-ya', and just dropped off another order of my handmade accessories today!

after i dropped them off, i walked to the car and had to stop and take a photo.
the water and city skyline looked so beautiful as the sun was setting.
this is one of my favourite parts of living in the city.

Monday, February 13, 2012


saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary, and we had the *BEST* day!

we usually don't make a huge deal about our anniversary.
maybe it was because for years, while james was touring in a band, we considered ourselves lucky if we were able to even spend our anniversary (or any special occasion) together.

but this year we decided to give each other a $25 spending limit on a gift, and i thought it would be neat for each of us to give a handmade gift as well (with any supplies needed having to come out of our mini budget).

we woke up, and i felt like a kid at christmas, wanting to open up gifts right away!

i love to store gift ideas in my mind throughout the previous months or weeks before special occasions, and so i am always excited to give gifts and see the reaction of the recipient. i bought james a book about a firefighter, and a fire-starter flint.

for my handmade gift: i made him 3 mixed cds with great songs from all of our favourite bands that we have listened to together over the past 11+ years.
i drew my own decal stickers for the top of the cds, and made my own case inserts as well.

i was BLOWN away by james' gifts for me!
he bought me the latest anthology magazine, which i reaaaaalllly wanted.

i was really anxious to see what he would make for me, and i think it is the coolest thing!
years ago, while sitting around a bonfire, he had carved me a heart out of a piece of wood.
for his handmade gift for me, he sanded it, stained it, drilled a hole in it, and turned it into a big, chunky, beautiful necklace!!
totally my style, and i LOVE that he made it!!

after exchanging gifts we went to Mount Seymour and snowshoed on all of the open trails.

we went to the theatre and saw the movie 'the vow' (SO good - total chick flick), and ate the most amazing lobster, crab and shrimp ravioli at the boathouse restaurant overlooking the ocean.

we topped off the night by munching on chips & dip, and watching some of our favourite shows :)

it was an amazing day!
our best anniversary yet!

Friday, February 10, 2012


today i.....

read: nothing yet, but am about to crack open my brand new martha stewart magazine (i LOVE martha)

watched: top chef texas (restaurant wars episode)...this show makes me amazed at how creative chefs can be, with putting together different flavour combinations and ingredients. it is mind boggling to think of that even with the amount of chefs in the world, and restaurants, and books, that there are still new and original recipes to be created!

ate: wendy's! it has been months and months since we had wendy's, so after work, and a dentist appointment, wendy's was the perfect treat!

loved: taking the bus & skytrain with hubby this morning, on my way to work. he accompanied me, on his way into downtown to run errands.

visited: the dentist. call me crazy, but i love visiting the dentist and continuing to get a healthier, and whiter smile :)

looked forward to: our anniversary tomorrow!!! 6 whole years, and we are spending the whole day together! yippee!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

today i...

read: harry potter and the goblet of fire (finished it! yes! onto the next book)

watched: new girl (LOVE schmidt)

ate: leftover hot broccoli dip & some fresh blood oranges

chatted with: both of my parents on the phone

thought: 'when did i get to be an adult with tasks, bills, and all of those 'grown up' things?'

loved: spending time with my hubby

visited: the thrift store, amidst running errands, and found a great black blazer for only $6! score!