Friday, September 25, 2009

it's friday night & the mood is right....

gonna have some fun, show you how it's done,

anyone else remember that little jingle??
my family and i used to spend every friday night watching the classic shows on ABC, such as family matters, boy meets world, step by step, full house, sabrina the teenage witch, you wish, & teen angel.

it was such a fun tradition that we looked forward to every week! oh, and the best part was eating the junk food that my parents would buy as a treat :) chips, dip & pop....yummy!!!

i think the hubby and i are going to grab some food and have a date night <3
enjoy your friday night and be sure to check out this super amazing video of the beatles, playing on a rooftop in london, 1969.


  1. i loved tgif!
    it was the highlight of my week when i was little.

  2. what great memories to cherish!!! =)
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

  3. omg -- i totally lived for TGIF!
    family matters, full house, boy meets world..
    && i was in LOVE with sean from boy meets world.
    thanks for the memories!

  4. TGIF!!!!! Oh how I miss those nights! Whoa time warp. I had planned to marry Matthew Lawrance from boy meets world!

  5. I loved TGIF! Embarassing confession: I used to have little dances that I performed for the opening numbers for each show. My mom was my audience and my pet bunny was my (very unwilling) dance partner. : )

  6. ohhhhhhmygosh! this is probably my most favorite post EVER!

    I watched TGIF every Friday! :] It was total tradition. I would have TGIF sleepovers and we would bake stuffs and stay up all night. SO much fun!

    Boy Meets World was my favorite. I had the biggest crush on Rider Strong, it was insane :] Last Christmas my parents found every episode on DVD, so I totally want to have TGIF sleepovers again! haha.