Saturday, September 26, 2009

oh project runway...i <3 you

project runway is such an inspiring show that instantly makes me want to be a fashion designer.....i want to jump up from the couch, buy a bust form, and run to my sewing machine and start whipping up amazing creations like they do! here are some of my fav past contestants:

season 3 winner & badboy jeffrey sebelia who runs his own clothing company 'cosa nostra'

also loved alison kelly from season 3!

she recently started her own etsy shop and was even featured in this storque article! here are some of her designs:

christian siriano, winner of season 4, has such a distinct style, and i was inspired that he is so driven and successful in the fashion world at such a young age.

even one of my fav actresses wore his fashions lately!

the final 3 contestants of season 5 were all so talented, but so diverse in their taste and fashion styles.

kenley collins, who had a signature style with bright red lipstick, pinup hair, and meticulously crafted vintage inspired clothing.

kortu momolu, a young hip mother, who created pieces that fit & flattered women so so well! and she isn't afraid of using vibrant coloured fabrics, which makes for such a bold exciting runway show!

and leanne marshall, winner of season 5, and a west coast girl from oregon! she was all about using organic shapes and quality construction to create simple, classic and chic designs.

do you all watch/like project runway?? are you as inspired as i am??

and speaking of fashion, is anyone else excited to see this movie? i hope it comes to a theatre near me!!

night night!


  1. Hej Corinne, project runway looks so great. I don´t have any tv and either don´t know if it runs in germany.I have been sewing since 1,5 year now and i love it. Sometimes i don´t get in that much time that i want to. Family, beeing outside and work is fun and important right now.

    Know i found where i had read about the Okanagan region. It was here:

    I like Ellas blog that much and have been reading it nearly two years. If i get to canada in the future i would love to see the Okanagan.

    It reminds me a little bit of Öland/Sweden where my parents live most of the spring and summer. They get back home in three weeks. Looking forward to that.

    greetings xoxo

    see you in the Autumn class

  2. I've never watched it! *cringe* But I hear so much about it and I need to! I need to find when it comes on and catch up! Great post, girl!!!

  3. OBSESSED!! I have been obsessed since episode one of season one!!! You and I seem to have the same faves. I still am not sure who I love the most this season?!? love love love!

  4. I love that show too! I don't have a favorite yet this season but I was disappointed with the winner of last week. I really loved Epperson and Christophers designs.It is such an inspiring show and I always feel like the hour just flies by!

  5. i love it too! Leanne was my second fave... but mg from season1 project runway canada was my most crazy favorite. i even cut my hair like her! super amazing and talented!

    loved this post! :)

  6. I love Project Runway! Unfortunately I missed the second part of the fashion show and didn't see who won, but it was fun to watch anyways. c:
    It totally makes me have the urge to be crafty. I even took a sewing class after it in the attempt to learn some basics. I'll have to keep at it though. xD
    Also, I saw Coco Before Chanel and loved it. Her life was very interesting and dating back then was a bit of a mess. Guys let their friends 'borrow' their ladies. Kind of strange, but I guess it worked to help destress their girls.
    Kind of a late comment, but this happens when I first discover a blog...