Sunday, October 4, 2009

why, hello you!

my, it's been awhile!
since i last posted, summer left us and autumn has arrived, and i am sooo glad for that!
i welcomed this new season by enjoying the crisp air, making fruit crumble (with apples, pears, apricots and sour cherries) and making some of my brooches into hair clips! fun!

i had to work yesterday, so i am spending today in comfy clothes, hanging on the couch knitting a scarf, watching tv, listening to some great tunes and crocheting GRANNY SQUARES!!!! i am soooo excited! i followed the amazing tutorial by katja and was successful right away!!! i am now on my third square!
enjoy the rest of your sunday lovelies!


  1. Super cute pic of you! Tho I don't think you can take a bad one! I'm sooo excited that you linked to the 500 Days music!!! I've been wanting to buy that soundtrack but haven't been able to yet and that's so exciting that we can listen!!! Yay!!! Thank you for that!!! Awesome pics! I'm so excited for Fall and it's so fun to see everybody else excited too!!!

    Are you still planning on listing your paintings in your etsy??? I want one!!!

  2. thanks jamie, you are so sweet!!! one that page, i think you can only listen to 3 of the songs from the soundtrack, but you can listen to a bit of each song here:

    and yes, i am definitely listing paintings soon :) i had to get a bunch of things completed lately, and i haven't been able to spend as much time painting, but i will try to post some asap!!! <3

  3. I just found your blog and want to say hey and i love your hair bow

  4. hi! i just wanted to say hello as i started following your blog today. i'm excited for more posts as we seem pretty similar :)

  5. LOVE this post. it is so perfectly autumn.
    i really need to take some film photos this season.

  6. ohhh i am just going around looking for food! yummy!