Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

i started this blog quite awhile ago, posted a bit, and then stopped. i had just started an online etsy store, and had the best intentions to build that up, and to blog consistently to promote my business....

.....aaaaaand then life happened :)

with a full time job, a husband, and household duties to take care of (on top of other things: being involved in church activities, helping with events/weddings, hanging with friends, etc), i had very little time or energy to put into a business and blog. and to be honest, my goals for both were not focused enough to be successful. don't get me wrong, i think that it is great to have a wide range of skills, talents, and likes, but i just didn't know where i wanted my business to go, and hadn't thought it through enough. and i am definitely not into being one of those bloggers that post for a week, stop for a few months, post an apology full of excuses and promises to post more frequently, and then stop again for months. nope, sorry. it's either all or nothing with me.

so, over a year has passed since my last blog post and i have decided to keep this blog as an online journal for myself, and my family (and of course, anybody else that reads this :)). my husband and i have recently moved from the interior of b.c. (canada), to the coast, and this will be a great way for my family to share in our day to day life.

i have a few guidelines in mind for myself this time 'round though:

-i am blogging for my family, so that they can see photos and hear regularly about my life. that said, i might not post exact specifics (names of people, or places we go, etc.). they know that info, and i do need some privacy from the online world :)
-i will post whenever i want to, and not feel pressured by the amount of posting other bloggers do
-i won't stress out if photos aren't perfect, or if posts are a mish-mash of thoughts
-lastly, i hate capital letters so don't be surprised if you see very little of them here. and i love reality tv, so don't be surprised if you read a lot about that here.

good? good!

moving on.

after working and staying with family for a few weeks, on sunday i returned here, to my new 'home' on the coast. my hubby welcomed me home with a nice bouquet of flowers :)

i feel like i haven't stopped going, going, going in months, so my plan for awhile is to relax (and catch up on my pvr-who am i kidding? :p), and to enjoy and explore this new city with james!
it is only wednesday morning, but so far this week has been great!!! full of adventure, but also full of chillaxin'!
we went for a 4-5km hike through a beautiful park, and were able to enjoy the smell of the ocean and the sights of skyscrapers, boats both near and far, and lush plants all around. we ate some tasty homecooked food (hot broccoli dip-yes mom, i ate more :) ha! potato salad, fried smokies, and veggies with dip. and then some homemade cookies with smarties and cut up bounty bar! yummmmmmmmm.

yesterday we went to a park, full of hiking trails and a suspension bridge! seriously-freaky! i am not the greatest with heights, so looking straight down almost 200 ft, while walking on a shaking bridge that is narrow enough for only 2 people to pass, was a tad scary, but very exhilarating!

the hiking trails were awesome, and the neverending stairs made me feel like i was in the movie 'the labyrinth'. i felt like david bowie was going to flip up from underneath them at anytime!! (i guess that only happens in my dreams...ha!)

ok, hopefully you are still awake after reading this novel, and not deleting me off your google reader or bookmark bar already!
i'm off spend some time reconnecting with the real housewives of beverly hills!

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