Friday, June 3, 2011

what day is it again?

so far, the past few days have been full of:

-hanging with hubby (when he isn't at work)
-lots of homemade food
-chatting with my fam on the phone
-catching up on my tv shows that i missed for a few weeks
-reading many of my fav fashion, craft & food blogs for inspiration

a lot of the same everyday, and my schedule is so relaxed that i keep forgetting what day it is :)
i am still adjusting to life in this new city, away from my family and close friends, and have a feeling that it will take a lot longer than i think for it to feel normal here. so by filling my days with the things i listed above, it makes me feel a bit more normal, and a bit more 'at home'.

yesterday i woke up with a bit of the blues and barely any motivation to do anything (plus, my husband dropped my house key down the elevator shaft by accident so i am on house arrest...hehe), and decided that even if i don't get to my to-do list (unpacking more, working on various photo albums, etc) then i should at least freshen myself up to feel more lively.

showering, painting nails, eating a yummy lunch of leftover homemade curry and rice, and watching more real housewives is definitely the remedy to feeling 'blah' and sluggish.

and so is doing a mini photoshoot to show off my newly painted nails.

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