Tuesday, July 19, 2011

get me some galette!

after catching up on household chores & laundry yesterday, and watching many episodes of seinfeld & friends with james, i decided to make a dessert that i had seen weeks before on this wonderful food blog.

a galette is a free form pastry, and can be filled with various sweet or savoury things. i have never made one before, and was really excited to try a new recipe, and use up ingredients i already had at home!

the verdict: this was a super easy dessert to make, and really tasty! i loved the simple & beautiful way that this pastry looked, and i think it would be a definite crowd pleaser for a party with friends or a family dinner. and if i had a summer cottage, this galette would be the perfect end to a day at the beach, hanging out on the dock, soaking in the sunshine and fresh summer breeze.

-i didn't have all purpose flour, so i used whole wheat. it was a fine alternative, but i would probably have preferred the taste of white flour.
-i didn't have turbinado sugar, so used organic cane sugar to top the galette. after looking up turbinado sugar online, it seems like the cane sugar i used is similar, and it tasted and looked great to me!
-the pate brisee was not as sweet as we imagined it would be (probably due to equal amounts of salt & sugar). i would add some more sugar into the dough to make it sweet enough.
-i used all frozen berries i had on hand
-i baked mine on a baking stone. we typically bake/cook all of our baked goods (pizza, chicken, desserts, etc) on baking stones. they produce fantastically tasting, evenly cooked foods, and allow us to go through less parchment paper.
-i don't own a food processor, and so i used the old school method of a pastry cutter mixed with pure woman strength :)

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