Monday, July 18, 2011

some more reasons to 'heart mondays'!

so i originally titled my blog 'i heart mondays' because i had mondays off of work every week.
it was my day to be paint, crochet, sew, etc!

although i do work some mondays, i still love going to bed sunday night knowing that when i awake, it is the start of a new week. a fresh start to anything i am doing, or thinking about. a new week is on the horizon, and the possibilities are endless!

this monday is not even halfway over, and it has already been incredibly exciting for 2 reasons!

1. early this morning, my sister and her bf jory left, after staying with us for a fun packed weekend (more on that later :)). i finally finished our living room art wall that i have dreamed about for months, and was able to photograph it this morning!!

anyone who knows me knows that i have a very eclectic design style. my philosophy for design falls in line with this quote from william morris: “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

when picking out accessories and art, i don't really think about how things will go together. i know that if i think it is beautiful, or quirky, or tells an amazing story, then i can work it together into a cool vignette that makes me feel excited to be at home.

and so i had this idea, to put together an 'art collage wall', full of art and photos that i have collected over the years. there are metal peacocks picked up for a few dollars from value village, hanging with a limited edition screenprint from my screenprinting professor. a photo with a piece of our childhood jungle gym (my dad put together this 'shadowbox' style photo for me), some random letters, and a cross stitch i made in honour of my husband (featuring kelly clarkson lyrics), and more.
i am SO excited with how it came out and glad i can share the photos of our living/dining room with you!!!

2. to describe this next awesome part of my morning, all i can say is WAHOOOOOOO!!!
let's start from the beginning:

as an avid reality tv watcher & interior design lover, i was immediately captured by jillian harris, who was one of the ladies vying for the bachelor, a few years back. fast forward a bit, and jillian was the featured bachelorette on the following season! so exciting! i loved her personality, her style, and it was neat during the 2 seasons to see her bring some of the guys to my hometown, in the okanagan, and my (new) home on the coast! after the shows aired, i have tried to follow her (in a non-creepy way ;)) as she has been featured in different magazines, and now on extreme home makeover! she is a real style icon to me! she is always fashionable, and i love the way that she designs interiors! and how cool is it that she is now a successful designer (dream job!) after coming from a small canadian town?

awhile ago, i came across a contest on her website to design a hardhat for her to possibly wear on extreme home makeover. so, while staying with my parents in the okanagan for a couple weeks, i worked during the days, and filled my nights with visiting friends, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather. this contest was still in my mind, and one day i decided to devote that whole night to designing hard hats. i made a template, went to the store and got paint swatches to cut into squares for colour palettes, and spent hours drawing, cutting & pasting. i submitted the designs, and that was that.

fast forward to this morning. i receive an email from jillian's website (i am on the mailing list) saying that the hard hat winners were posted.


here is my design:

phew, what an amazing start to my day! i am so excited to see the design come to life, and see a style icon wear it on tv! what an honour! lovin' this monday!!! :)

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