Wednesday, August 31, 2011

last weekend of the summer

well, it is the last day of august, and so i thought it would be fitting to show photos from our most recent trip to the beach!
so glad we were able to spend an ENTIRE day (like, 7 hours) at the beach last weekend with friends!
there were a ton of people at the beach, yet it didn't feel too crowded.
we chillaxed, enjoyed the sun, ate, chatted, played with our friend's kids (always nice to have an excuse to spend hours building things out of sand and collecting shells) and i spent some time working on a bracelet, which is almost done! yeehaw!

goodbye summer. you've gone by super super fast, but i am *really* excited for september and the turning of the season.

to me, autumn signifies coziness, an abundance of holidays & family time (hello birthdaypalooza!), football (YES! go pack!), and a fresh start. maybe i am still stuck in the mindset of a schoolkid, but i think the fall means the start of a new year!

so, hello september!
i've been waiting for you :)

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