Thursday, September 1, 2011


anyone who knows me can attest to this:

i am a girl who LOVES traditions!

i love looking forward to things, week after week, or year after year.
i don't expect them to be exactly the same, because i know that people change, and my parents have taught us to have an open mind and be flexible.
but you can bet that for every holiday, we have traditions.
for sporting events, we have traditions.
even for every season, we have traditions.

and now, a new tradition in my little household:

because my husband works shift work, his 'weekend' changes every week, and so i wanted to make a tradition that we could do on the first day of his weekend. something we could look forward to, and get excited about.

and it is quite obvious that around these parts, we get mighty excited for food.

so i mix the batter from scratch, and make each waffle using our waffle maker.
for toppings, i chop up different fruits, and let them simmer in a pot with a bit of water, until it all condenses down into a nice sauce. no need to add sugar - the fruits are so tasty on their own!
then, i use my hand blender to whip up fresh whipped cream.

we occasionally put a touch of syrup on our waffles, along with the fruit & whipped cream, too.

are you excited about the long weekend??
because i sure am!
our plan is to spend lots of time with loved ones, eating delicious food, and chillaxing!!!


  1. Corrine, I'm one of the other guest bloggers at POM, so I'd thought I'd drop by and check at your blog. Super cute design, oh, your waffles look great also!

  2. Hi Rhonda!
    NIce to *meet* you! :)
    Loving the opportunity to guest blog! Such a neat experience!