Wednesday, September 14, 2011


another 2 weeks have flown by!

-have experienced a few days of overcast, gloomy weather....i think fall is almost here, and i also think that i will have to get used to a winter with very little snow and many days of this gloomy weather (that will be strange!)
-have also experienced a few scorching hot days! like, wearing tank tops & flip flops, hot!
-enjoyed a visit from my parents for 3 1/2 days!
-went to an antique mall and spent hours looking through old records (and found a mint condition beach boys record! score!)
-visited fort langley & panned for gold

-burnt my arm on a lightbulb and have spent days icing it and have it all wrapped up (i will never ever try to turn a lamp off reaching down from the top again! soooo silly!)
-am so excited for all the new seasons of tv shows to start! SURVIVOR! PAN AM! NEW GIRL!!!
-have spent a lot of time crocheting and getting things ready to put in my etsy store again!!
-have also been planning on applying for different craft fairs *hopefully i get accepted to at least one*

and to wrap this up, i have some super exciting news!
i am now a guest food blogger at Pig of the Month BBQ blog!
My first post was 'how to pack the perfect picnic' and i had so much fun putting it together! i would love for you to check it out!!
it is such a neat experience to be able to write about one of my greatest loves - food!! (hehe)

okey dokey, i am off to watch real housewives of ny, read some of my orla kiely 'pattern' book, and snooze for the night!

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