Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Lists

i have always loved lists.
i like writing things down, and being able to visually see what i need to do, or want to do.
and i love to check off items from my list, knowing they are complete!

this fall i stumbled across this neat Fall 2011 'Bucket List', and i have been mentally checking off things as we complete them!
i find that as fun as it is to be spontaneous, sometimes you have to be intentional and have a plan, in order to cram all of the fun things into life!

last weekend we went with a group of friends to a local farm and were able to accomplish quite a few of the items!
to get into the farm, you paid an admission fee which included:
-walking around and seeing the animals
-watching a musical band dressed up as veggies perform for the kids (which was hilarious)
-taking a hayride out to 2 pumpkin patches
-a corn maze
-getting to pick out and take home 1 pumpkin & 1 apple

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