Monday, October 17, 2011

falling for october

so far, october has been a nice mix of busy busy busy days out and about, and mellow days at home.

i have spent the last couple of weeks:
-going back to the okanagan for a few days
-attending 2 weddings in 2 days
-starting a new job
-getting accepted to a holiday craft fair
-crocheting many many items
-starting a weekly tradition of watching x-factor with friends
-welcoming old friends that recently moved here
-chatting & texting with friends & fam on the phone
-watching football
-walking outside
-watching 'american pickers' with the hubby
-trying to get rid of even more processed foods from our diet, and eating as much homemade as possible
-watching kim kardashian's wedding on tv (SO luxurious!)

here are a few photos from our afternoon walk we took the other day along the seawall to granville island.
it was sunny, but the air was crisp and it was the perfect day for a walk.
and it was neat to come across a shop that we hadn't noticed before: a broom shop, filled with handmade brooms!
with the coloured leaves on the ground outside, and the brooms hanging in the shop window, it made me giddy for halloween!!!

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