Friday, February 10, 2012


today i.....

read: nothing yet, but am about to crack open my brand new martha stewart magazine (i LOVE martha)

watched: top chef texas (restaurant wars episode)...this show makes me amazed at how creative chefs can be, with putting together different flavour combinations and ingredients. it is mind boggling to think of that even with the amount of chefs in the world, and restaurants, and books, that there are still new and original recipes to be created!

ate: wendy's! it has been months and months since we had wendy's, so after work, and a dentist appointment, wendy's was the perfect treat!

loved: taking the bus & skytrain with hubby this morning, on my way to work. he accompanied me, on his way into downtown to run errands.

visited: the dentist. call me crazy, but i love visiting the dentist and continuing to get a healthier, and whiter smile :)

looked forward to: our anniversary tomorrow!!! 6 whole years, and we are spending the whole day together! yippee!

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