Monday, February 13, 2012


saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary, and we had the *BEST* day!

we usually don't make a huge deal about our anniversary.
maybe it was because for years, while james was touring in a band, we considered ourselves lucky if we were able to even spend our anniversary (or any special occasion) together.

but this year we decided to give each other a $25 spending limit on a gift, and i thought it would be neat for each of us to give a handmade gift as well (with any supplies needed having to come out of our mini budget).

we woke up, and i felt like a kid at christmas, wanting to open up gifts right away!

i love to store gift ideas in my mind throughout the previous months or weeks before special occasions, and so i am always excited to give gifts and see the reaction of the recipient. i bought james a book about a firefighter, and a fire-starter flint.

for my handmade gift: i made him 3 mixed cds with great songs from all of our favourite bands that we have listened to together over the past 11+ years.
i drew my own decal stickers for the top of the cds, and made my own case inserts as well.

i was BLOWN away by james' gifts for me!
he bought me the latest anthology magazine, which i reaaaaalllly wanted.

i was really anxious to see what he would make for me, and i think it is the coolest thing!
years ago, while sitting around a bonfire, he had carved me a heart out of a piece of wood.
for his handmade gift for me, he sanded it, stained it, drilled a hole in it, and turned it into a big, chunky, beautiful necklace!!
totally my style, and i LOVE that he made it!!

after exchanging gifts we went to Mount Seymour and snowshoed on all of the open trails.

we went to the theatre and saw the movie 'the vow' (SO good - total chick flick), and ate the most amazing lobster, crab and shrimp ravioli at the boathouse restaurant overlooking the ocean.

we topped off the night by munching on chips & dip, and watching some of our favourite shows :)

it was an amazing day!
our best anniversary yet!

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  1. Happy anniversary! Wow, that sounds like such a special day. Your gifts are each other are so meaningful. I love your wrapping and the heart necklace.