Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ups/downs & asparagus

the past few days have been a real mix of ups & downs.
nothing too major: just the normal ebbs and flows of daily life.
some moments, hours, or days, are super rewarding, exciting and fun.
other days are tough, lonnnnnng, and mellow.

i think that a good quality, and one i constantly work towards, is to be able to turn the 'down' days, weeks, or months into 'ups'.
or to be in the moment, but at the same time, look forward to any excitement planned for the future.

my weekend was a real mix of activity, and left me feeling pretty productive and motivated.
with the day off work, i slept in on saturday morning, and stayed in bed until mid afternoon reading harry potter (and the order of the phoenix - cannot get enough HP!!).
hubby brought me homemade oatmeal in bed.
there was not a care in my muggle mind (dang, i am turning into a harry potter geek...can't help it :))
and i was able to thoroughly relax and enjoy my day.
we tidied up the house and james prepared an amazing greek dinner:

-homemade tzatiki with pitas
-greek salad with homemade dressing
-feta & spinach stuffed chicken
-greek lemon potatoes

just talking about it makes my tummy grumble.
we hosted dinner for some friends, and went as a group to see the movie 'safe house'.
(love anything denzel)

after such a fantastic day, sunday seemed a bit more bland in comparison, filled with work, chilling out at home, and going to bed early. but it made me more motivated to complete some projects on monday, to think through some creative ideas, and to decide to try out a new recipe!

soooooo: last night we tried this recipe for pasta with roasted asparagus & balsamic butter, which i discovered through pinterest.

it was UNBELIEVABLY good!
such an unusual flavour combination, and really tasty.
a must try!

alrighty, i am off to catch up on the bachelor
(courtney drives me NUTS! 'winning'....gag me)


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