Thursday, February 16, 2012

this week

this week i have been:

reading: the magazines (chatelaine, flare, martha stewart) that have been delivered into my mailbox (love getting mail, and love combo!)

eating: more 'homecooked meals'. trying to make more of an effort to make actual meals, and not just throwing together easy things like nachos & salads as often

watching: top chef texas, guiliana and bill, glee (LOVED the newest cast member, who won the glee project - SO good)

and amidst my everyday job, i have also been working on more of my crafty goodies.
after my craft fair in november, i was fortunate to sell some items at a fantastic store on granville island, 'paper-ya', and just dropped off another order of my handmade accessories today!

after i dropped them off, i walked to the car and had to stop and take a photo.
the water and city skyline looked so beautiful as the sun was setting.
this is one of my favourite parts of living in the city.

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