Saturday, June 4, 2011

hApPy BiRtHdAy!!!!

today is a very special day for a very special person!
although he has to work night shift tonight at the firehall, i am so glad we got to share a nice birthday lunch together.
we have celebrated birthdays for over a decade together (and with my family), and today was the first milestone we have shared just the two of us, without a large family birthday celebration, or family movie night. a little weird, but hearing from family members on the phone, having the sun shine all day, and eating at our favourite restaurant hopefully made this day special.

i thought today would be a fitting day to share a few of the things i love about james, in no particular order:

1. he is by far the funniest person i know
2. he supports me and encourages me in everything i do
3. he is very personable, and can get along with anyone
4. he likes to cook (and it is always delicious!)
5. he loves my family and considers them his family
6. he is able to share his thoughts and feelings easily
7. he will protect me like no other
8. he is so musically talented (he could probably be a 1 man band)
9. he is very determined (to do his best, and try to provide for us)
10. he is actually so smart! (that might sound like i am surprised, but he has transformed from a non-motivated high school student to a college graduate, who excelled, and was on the dean's list!!)
11. he loves sports and athletic activities
12. he loves to watch/go to sporting events with me (go pack go!)
13. he loves food as much as i do
14. he is trustworthy
15. he accompanies me to art events & shows
16. he is hot ;)
17. he has big dreams, and always has
18. he has toured all over north america with his best friends
19. he is adventurous
20. he has a very caring heart
21. he loves being a firefighter, and looks forward to work
22. he enjoys a balance between busy days and lazy days
23. his ideal date is great food, hanging out on the couch watching a fav. dvd series with wifey :)
24. he knows how to fix almost anything
25. he takes the time to plan neat things for birthdays & events (which i LOVE)
26. he is my best friend

we promised each other when we were 15 that we would never let our life be boring. so here is to another year full of happiness, adventure, and non-boringness ;)

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