Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

the past few days have included:
-2 trips to ikea
-one visit to the movies to see 'the hangover 2' (pretty raunchy, and not as good as the first one)
-grocery shopping & loading up on lots of fruit & veggies
-a delicious chicken fajita meal prepared by james
-an afternoon jaunt around a local artsy neighbourhood
-a walk to a store to buy a basketball, and then continuing our walk to a nearby high school to shoot some hoops. i also enjoyed the sunny weather, and relaxed on a blanket reading magazines
-james worked and i spent that time building our ikea purchases (outdoor table & chair set, and bookshelf)
-birthday eve meal of pasta with homemade tomato sauce & caesar salad for james
-birthday lunch at our fav restaurant, boston pizza
-watching the canucks/bruins game at a friends
-loving the weather here (nice and sunny at times, and cool and refreshing at other times)

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