Friday, June 17, 2011

lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

the title of this post comes from a nat king cole post.
but i know it from an episode of gilmore girls.....and now i can't get that song out of my head :)

i realized this week that i hadn't watched any gilmore girls since being in our new place. GASP!
don't worry-that changed quickly.

so, last sunday, james and i went to a nearby city to join my nana on a trip through the local farmer's market.
it was MASSIVE!!! streets were shut down, and vendors filled both sides of the streets, with a ton of people walking through in between. vendors were selling everything from canned/prepared food (olives, salsa, curry), to plants for the garden, craft items, and much more! we were only interested in some fresh produce, and any plants that could be planted in our small pots we purchased for our patio.

under one of the tents was a utility trailer, filled to the brim with freshly picked peppers! orange, yellow, red and green! i grabbed one of the provided plastic bags and put a few in, and gave to my husband to go pay. james came back and let me know that each bag filled was $4! they were not weighing the bags, or charging per pepper. it was $4 for AS MANY AS YOU COULD STUFF IN EACH BAG!!!!!

so, i emptied out the few peppers and started again, this time being strategic in the size and placement of the peppers. I managed to squeeze 7 peppers in, and realizing how fast we go through peppers (they are one of our mutually favourite veggies), decided to fill another one! so let's do the math: 2 bags, 14 peppers total, $8!!! only $8!! we were pretty pumped :)
we also purchased a small basil plant and some mini yellow tomatoes.

this week we enjoyed some relaxing days of lounging, and other days full of errands, or exploring around town. we went to the main library in our new city, and it was the BIGGEST library i have ever been in! 7 floors of books, with escalators in between! wow! we signed up for new library cards and then spent an hour riding from floor to floor and grabbing books to sign out. it was hard to think of books on the spot (i hadn't made a list prior), but found some goodies, including 'wichcraft' by chef tom collichio.

i built another ikea bookcase yesterday, as the first bookcase didn't house all of our books. little areas of our house are slowly coming together. next up is finishing unpacking and setting up the spare room. oh! and yesterday we were able to score a sofa bed frame off craigslist for $15 for our spare room!!! woot woot!!!!

oh, and of course we ate a lot more delicious food this week too :)

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