Sunday, June 12, 2011

me love food!!

okay, so anyone that knows me well knows that i love food.

i mean, LOVE food.

if you were to look at my top 5 priorities in life, food is on that list.
i think about food all the time, and sometimes think about the next meal, even if i am not done eating yet :)
am i sounding a little crazy yet? ha! i can't help it!
my mom is the best cook/baker, and i grew up watching cooking shows, as they were always appropriate and educational.
even in elementary school, i remember that while other girls talked about wanting to meet certain celebrities, which included the usual 'hottie' actors and singers....

...i wanted to meet emeril lagasse. (you know, the chef that says 'BAM!')

anyways, now that i have shared a bit about my food obsession, i am gonna share some photos i took of some of the tasty meals i ate this week. (another obsession: taking photos of/looking at photos of food.....but this one runs in the family ;))

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