Tuesday, June 21, 2011

small town girl in a big city

well, i know that my blog has quickly turned into a food blog...ha!
i love food, and presenting it in an appealing way, and lately, my meals have been some of the most exciting parts of my days.
the last few weeks have been spent totally relaxing, and also setting up our new home. unpacking, sorting, and trying to make our place organized, practical and beautiful. it is not yet done, but getting close, and when it is complete, i will share some photos! the next few days will be spent hanging art, and placing decorative things around our home-my favourite part!!!

any outings around town exploring this new (to me) city, have been spent with my husband, and friends.

so when an opportunity presented itself to me on saturday to step out of my comfort zone, and have a big city adventure, i jumped to the chance (with some nudging from james)! NOTE: i have kept this a secret for days now, waiting for the photos to be posted online, so i could post on here!

on friday night before bed, i was online and checking into my twitter account. on twitter i follow a handful of celebrities and favourite bloggers, who post updates and links that i usually find really interesting. one celebrity i follow is bethenny frankel, who became famous as a housewife on the real housewives of new york, and now has her own reality show about her life, and has written 3 best selling books, and created a wildly popular margarita beverage.

anyways, she tweeted that she would be in our city the following day to promote her skinnygirl margarita coming to canada.
i googled a route, and tried to figure out how long it would take me to get there by car. i didn't know if i would actually go, but i went to bed dreaming of how neat it would be. i woke up to discover that james had taken our car to work, instead of his bike, because it was raining. i decided i would stay at home and have another day around the house, unpacking.

a bit of time went by and i realized that i would be missing out if i didn't go, and needed to figure out a way to get myself into town to meet bethenny! so i quickly got dressed and ready, and briskly walked to the nearest skytrain station. i have only been on the skytrain once before, years ago, and never alone. i bought my ticket, and boarded by myself, figuring out what station to get out at. i needed to walk a few blocks to a chapters, so i could buy bethenny's book to get signed! then, i had to walk multiple blocks to get to the liquor store she was at. (all of this in the rain, by the way). as i am jogging on the sidewalks, umbrella overhead, the liquor store comes into view and i see a HUGE lineup, wrapped around the building! i get into the end of line, and people start lining up behind me as well. i end up chatting with the gal behind me, who was alone as well. we both bonded over bethenny talk, and the fact that this was such an unusual, awesome experience! we ended up hanging together at the signing and took the skytrain together, to different stops.

so, to get to the point: I MET BETHENNY!!!!!!

it was short, but sweet, and will forever be a memory for me! i navigated this new, big city on my own, took the skytrain by myself for the first time, met a new friend, and also met a celebrity whose work ethic and personality i admire! WOW!

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